Tuesday, April 4, 2017

There came a day when I realized that I was being consumed by self. And this was endless and  fruitless and downright destructive behavior.  The fact is, I really couldn't get past Self. But there came an introduction, an invitation by someone to someone else who was completely different than that. This someone else was so different and yet I could relate to him. This someone else was incredibly selfless. He was so different and yet so much like me. He had as many opportunities to express selfishness, and yet he had the ability to consistently turn away from his selfish nature.  I thought "Yeh! Right! I see him now but I wonder if He is like that all the time." And so I decided to follow him to see if or when he messed up.

Well, I've been following him for quite a number of years now. And you know what, he is just as selfless now as he was when I was first introduced to him. The fact is, I've come to call him my best friend. And he even calls me his friend. He is exactly what I want to be like when I grow up. And believe me, I've got a lot of growing up to do. But, as I have followed him, I see that slowly but surely I have come to have some changes in me. And I really like these changes. I, at least sometimes, think of others first. Once in awhile I do something genuinely good. And it is because of his influence in my life.

And let me tell you some other things I've seen changed in me. I'm not as self destructive. My life feels more fruitful. When I'm having some down in the muck sort of days, I just need to turn to my friend and we talk about it. And he is always there to provide the counsel I need. I don't always like what he says and I tell him so. But I've discovered that what he tells me is always exactly what I need. He has never forced stuff upon me. No, he has always been so patient and gracious with me. Go figure! I am also learning (very slowly mind you) to be patient too. That seems to be helpful for me. Cause, you see, I'm not by nature a patient person. But my nature is changing. I'm becoming less full of myself and more full of others. Particularly, I'm more full of my friend. And my friend's name is Jesus.

I don't know what this sounds like to you. But I'm telling you the truth. This friend of mine, my best friend, is someone that I'd like to introduce everyone to. But if you do not want to meet him, that is your loss. But he already knows you from the beginning to the end. He is already closer to you than a brother. He is always there for you. And he is able to show you something different than your own selfishness, if that is what you want. So, take it forward from there. Do with this what you will. But I'm hoping you won't neglect this invitation.